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For Musicians

My greatest passion is to work collaboratively with musicians to help them find ways of playing that are sustainable, both for career longevity and for the simple pleasure of making music without physical difficulty. 


Many musicians did not receive any information early on in their musical training about good body mechanics and how to find support for the extremely specialized use of their arms and hands that is required to play a musical instrument. Often, even young musicians who are only 16 or 17 years old have already experienced playing-related pain and overuse injuries. Many successful careers are cut short because of repetitive strain injuries, back and neck problems, nerve entrapment and more. 


Even if a musician is not experiencing pain, the Feldenkrais® Method can help them find greater freedom of expression through music, as well as a more creative, functional and efficient approach to practicing. 

Here is what I offer:


-Assessment of the musician’s approach to the physical activity of playing their instrument


-Analysis of the main issues that might need to be addressed due to pain and/or injury


-Development of a plan for a series of specific hands-on lessons in Functional Integration®, which could lead to a new path of greater ease and freedom


-Ongoing support, including recordings of Awareness Through Movement® lessons to augment, reinforce and continue the explorations from private sessions 

Single session $100

3 session package $285

6 session package $540


Sliding scale available for those in need.  

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