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“Every lesson (with Diane) teaches me more about what it means to be a compassionate human being.”
-Marci L.

“Together with Diane, I’ve opened new aspects of myself and my capacity to experience my humanity has grown deeper.”
-John G.

Private Sessions

Functional Integration®

Private Feldenkrais sessions are known as Functional Integration® lessons. In Functional Integration, the practitioner crafts a unique lesson based on an individual's needs or interests and creates the conditions for learning in comfort and safety.

The lessons are done with the client fully clothed and are educational in nature. The touch is gentle, non-invasive and exploratory, and suggests possibilities for new movement patterns which are more comfortable, efficient and pleasurable. The client may lie comfortably on a table or do some of the lesson in sitting or standing. 

Zoom sessions available and in-person sessions available for those who are vaccinated. 

Single session $100

3 session package $285

6 session package $540


Sliding scale available for those in need.  

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